Welcome to C&I Financial

AboutC&I is the Industry Leader in Purchasing Dealer Contracts

With years of financing and tax experience, C&I offers something no other finance company can offer. Our goal is make sure YOUR buyers remain satisfied with their purchase so we work with them to make sure YOU stand out. This translates into repeat business and LOTS of referrals for you.

  • We know not every dealership is the same. We have Flexible Financing Plans to Fit Your Dealership.
  • We tailor our financing plans to match your customer base.
  • We focus on the person, not just the FICO.

Personal Attention to Your Customers Via Private Dealer Specific Incentives:

Because of our tax division, C&I Financial can offer your customers:

  • Screening for Valuable Government Credits and Incentives Of Up To $6,000 PER YEAR. No other finance company offers this service. Receiving government benefits puts more money in your buyers’ pockets.
  • Tax Preparation: C&I Financial’s accounting staff can prepare your customers’ tax returns to get them valuable government tax credits.

This means your customers will:

  • Have more money to spend at your dealership
  • Refer their friends to you
  • Make their future purchases from you

Sub-Prime Lending

C&I Financial offers Sub-Prime Lending. We work with your buyers to help them manage their financial future, file their tax returns and obtain valuable government benefits. This lowers the risk of default and improves everyone’s bottom line.

We offer Recourse and Non-Recourse, depending on dealer history. Call for an introduction today.